The Kudumbashree Story

Community Network

MEC Groups and Business Plans

  • Formation of MEC groups in zones
    • The objectives of MEC group formation includes pooling of multiple skills so that they can support a range of businesses and also ensuring uniform and remunerative territories for MEC groups to operate.
    • The steps include assessment and ranking of blocks based on pre-set parameters, grouping of blocks into ‘zones’, and formation of MEC groups for zones. At the end of the exercise, pilot district is divided into different zones and each zone has an MEC group.
  • Preparation of business plans for MEC groups
    • Each MEC group has to come up with a business plan; the business plan preparation has the following objectives.
      • Assessing existing and potential business opportunities for MEC groups and estimating earning potential
      • Assessing the capabilities of MEC groups and figuring out ways to utilise them
      • Estimating capital requirement for MEC groups to start their business
      • Engaging MECs in remunerative business activities as per the plan
      • Finalising business plans for the groups

The MEC Project visualises formation of MEC Groups which would evolve into local level business entities themselves generating revenue through promoting and supporting micro enterprises. The sustainability of the project would therefore depend on the robustness and viability of these groups and their ability to generate a reasonable income. The fundamental logic of MEC Group is pooling of multiple skill sets among MECs; MEC Groups are expected to be viable entities rather than individual MECs.