The Kudumbashree Story


Social Empowerment

Kudumbashree’s Social Empowerment Programmes are built around a concern for inclusion. These programmes have their origins in Kudumbashree’s realisation of the need for specific steps for inclusion of the most disadvantaged and hence the vulnerable. Social empowerment initiatives target the destitute and the mentally challenged. They also involve children, with the objective of ending intergenerational transfer of poverty, by making them aware of their rights and supporting them to evolve into groups engaged in meaningful action.

“During the early years of Kudumbashree, we realised that there were sections that were being left out. The most vulnerable, the poorest of the poor, and the most marginalised of the society were even incapable of accessing the benefits of poverty eradication programmes. Our field visits and surveys showed that there were families that did not have any official record to claim entitlements; no ration card, no voter’s identity card. We had even found families who were so helpless that they did not even know the name of the State they lived in or the name of their district. So, we had to develop special schemes to include these people”.

T.K. Jose IAS., former Executive Director, Kudumbashree