The Kudumbashree Story

Women Empowerment

The Convergence Idea

Convergence of community organisation and PRIs evolved in the context of decentralisation and Peoples’ Plan Campaign. The three member Task Force that recommended the formation of Kudumbashree Mission had made recommendations regarding Kudumbashree’s identity and positioning vis-à-vis the PRIs.

The evolution of Kudumbashree - PRI convergence during the early phase of Kudumbashree was due to the following.

  • Decentralisation and the Peoples’ Plan Campaign, which set the context.
  • The recommendations of the three member Task Force, which proposed an engaging relationship between community organisations and PRIs without scope for subordination.
  • The design of the community organisation, which foresaw the need for convergence, and the campaign mode of implementation through PRIs that the Kudumbashree Mission adopted for expansion of the community organisation network.