The Kudumbashree Story



Several aspects of the Kudumbashree story can be understood only if one refers to important documents. Kudumbashree being a government initiative under the Local Self Government Department, decisions are always through government orders, circulars, guidelines, and related documents. This section provides some of the important government orders, circulars, and guidlines in PDF form form reference. There are also sections with published papers and reports on Kudumbashree. 

Most of the important government orders, circulars, and guidelines are provided here in twelve categories for easy reference. This is still not a complete set of such documents. There have been cases were the copies of some important orders were not available for inclusion. 

Papers here means those published in journals of repute in the area of social development, women's studies etc. These are mostly refereed publications. On the other hand, reports can be of studies on Kudumbashree, evaluations, or assessments. There are also narrative reports that attempted documentation of Kudumbashree. 

In the case of papers and reports, only those published or original copies available with details of authors have been included.