The Kudumbashree Story


Polivu Campaign

The Polivu Campaign has been an initiative taken up by Kudumbashree to promote healthy lifestyle and engage the community in the five principles of good lifestyle, good health, clean water, waste management and clean surroundings along with promoting agriculture-based well being. Under the campaign, each NHG would undertake cultivation in minimum 3 cents of land to grow 5 kinds of vegetables and 3 kinds of fruits. This initiative is being carried out since July, 2016. Non-SHG members as well as children who are members of Balasabhas have also been encouraged to participate in the campaign. For wider promotion of the campaign pesticide-free vegetables cultivated by NHGs and JLGs were sold during Onam. Till date, 1,81,122 NHGs have been part of the vegetable cultivation project, undertaking farming activities in 7198.24 acres of land.