The Kudumbashree Story

The Kudumbashree Story is arranged in this portal in different sections. As the stories are all interlinked, a linear narrative is difficult; nor was it intended. The menus shown here are broad thematic areas. ‘What’s Kudumbashree’ provides the basic information on the organisation. ‘History and Evolution’ traces the origin of the movement and its history so far. The section on ‘Programmes’ explains the various Kudumbashree initiatives in its three programme domains.

A unique dimension of Kudumbashree is its relationship with the Panchayat Raj Institutions. This is captured under ‘Kudumbashree and PRI’. The next section Kudumbashree NRO is on the Kudumbashree National Resource Organisation and its activities in different States. References provide a range of government orders and circulars related to Kudumbashree. It also has sub-sections containing papers and reports. The section on ‘Critique’ traces the different streams of critical writing on Kudumbashree. Gallery offers video documentaries and photographs covering various aspects of Kudumbashree.