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BDS Schools and BRCs – Through Government Orders and Directions

G.O(MS)183/2007 (24th July 2007)
State government gives permission to LSGs to set up BUDS Schools -
G.O(MS)148/2009 (29th July 2009)
State government issues guidelines for BUDS Schools and sets up District Advisory Committees As it was observed that Gram Panchayats were setting up centres similar to Balavadis without adequately understanding the purpose of BUDS school.
G.O(MS)152/2009 (1st August 2009)
State government asks LSGs to form BUDS School Development and Management Committees Issues Rules and Regulations for the Committees; for improvement of BUDS schools through people’s participation.
Circular 43145/2010 (26th July 2010)
Government asks LSGs to improve the standards of BUDS Schools Allows LSGs to use non-road maintenance grant for work shed, furniture, educational tools, sports equipment, assistive tools and equipment, medicines.
Circular 77737/2011 (1st April 2011)
Follow up guidelines for improving standards of BUDS Schools Provision for vehicle maintenance
G.O(P)162 (29th July 2011)
Government issues amendments to CDS bylaws to encourage formation of special NHGs Common guidelines for special NHGs for the mentally challenged.
G.O(MS)225/2012 (18th August 2012)
Government asks LSGs to set up BUDS Rehabilitation Centres for mentally challenged persons of age 18 years and above One BRC proposed per local body for Community Based Participatory Rehabilitation (CBPR) of mentally challenges persons of age 18 years and above; guidelines on the required infrastructure and facilities.
G.O(MS) 144/2013 (6th April 2013)
Government issues guidelines for setting up BRCs Provides detailed guidelines for infrastructure, facilities, staff, and remuneration; proposes Student Staff Parent Committee (SSPC).
Circular 17778 (17th June 2013)
Social Justice Department issues circular for registration of BRCs Registration to be done under the provisions of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Act 1995.
G.O(MS) 362 (16th November 2013)
New guidelines for XII Plan; several provisions for the care of mentally challenged persons. Scholarships, allowances; 5% of development funds earmarked for differently abled; food expenses and honorarium of staff admitted under Development Fund.

The State government decided to treat BUDS schools as ‘aided schools’ in 2015; this means the Government would pay the salaries and allowances of the staff. This makes it easier for the BUDS schools to function. However, a lot more will have to be done for BRCs.