The Kudumbashree Story

Women Empowerment

Ashraya - Implementation

Implementation of Ashraya starts with community based identification of destitute families by Kudumbashree ADS. The ADS identifies the destitutes through the Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs). After identification and verification by CDS, the Grama Panchayat approves the list. Micro plans are prepared for the rehabilitation of each destitute person or family. These micro plans are consolidated at the CDS level to make the CDS level plan. Responsibilities of various components have been clearly assigned for the smooth implementation of the plans.

Components Responsibility
Survival needs (Food and clothes) CDS member secretary
Pension Grama Panchayat / Municipality/ Corporation Secretary
Health care Medical officer of the local body
Education Member secretary
Basic amenities (Land, house, drinking water, sanitation) Grama Panchayat / Municipality/ Corporation Secretary or an official entrusted by the secretary
Development needs (Employment, skill training) Member secretary
Mental health (Mental health care) Member secretary
Special projects (With special components decided at the local body level) Grama Panchayat / Municipality/ Corporation Secretary or an official entrusted by the secretary

Kudumbashree Roles at Different Levels

Kudumbashree community organisation is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Ashraya. The NHGs, ADS, CDS, and the Mission are engaged at various stages of implementation. 

Entity Responsibility


Identification of destitute families; support in delivery of service package


Verification of identified destitute families and recommendation to CDS; support in delivery of service package


Project formulation (responsibility from micro projects for families to CDS level project); Liaison with LSGI and Kudumbashree; Ensuring approval of the project by LSGI after discussion in Evaluation Committee; CDS is the implementing agency of the LSGI for Ashraya.

District Mission

Verification of proposal; Recommendation to State Mission

State Mission

Project approval and forwarding of the project to Government of Kerala; Fund release to LSGIs through District Mission; Monitoring and reporting.